Hallbankgate Village School

Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School Life at Hallbankgate Village School
  • ‘The magic that is woven at Hallbankgate Village School, day by day, minute by minute, by leaders, by staff, and ultimately by pupils, is exceptional.’
    Steve Watson, TLO, 2019
  • ‘We are truly grateful: the staff have gone above and beyond. Thank you!’
    Parent, 2020
  • ‘The striking feature is that learners relish the opportunities they have to control their own learning, and that they have the confidence and skills to do so successfully.’
    Steve Watson, TLO, 2019
  • ‘We feel our child is thriving- we feel they are being pushed to their potential. Thank you.’
    Parent, 2020
  • ‘…the commitment to taking responsibility for their own learning, the awareness of the learning process and of self as learner, and the skills to do so independently are evident.’
    Steve Watson, TLO, 2019
  • ‘Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school’
    Ofsted, 2017
  • ‘Staff are always happy to discuss ways to support my child.’
    Parent, 2020
  • ‘Pupils understand their learning because teachers use clear explanations and make sure that pupils understand what they are learning.’
    Ofsted, 2017
  • ‘All staff are extremely friendly and welcoming to both adults and children in our family’
    Parent, 2020
  • ‘Pupils behave well at all times. They are polite and well mannered. Leaders value the feedback they get from pupils and place a high priority on listening to pupils.’
    Ofsted, 2017
  • ‘Our children love coming to school every day and are always encouraged to be the best they can be’
    Parent, 2020

Our School Governors

Being a Governor at Hallbankgate Village School

A school governor helps the head teacher and staff with planning the curriculum, developing policies and keeping a check on financial matters. The governing body is responsible for ensuring the school provides high educational standards and is responsive to the needs of parents and the wider community. Governors usually serve for a term of four years and can be reappointed at the end of this time.  There are different types of governors representing parents, staff and the community. Parent governors are nominated by other parents.  Being a governor means being a critical friend to the school; providing support and advice as necessary to ensure children are kept safe and challenged to learn. Visiting the school to monitor teaching and other activities is an important part of the role.  There are two governing body meetings each term, after the school day has ended. We also meet with the school learning council termly so that they can tell us what they like about school and share ideas they have for changes to the way they learn.  Please talk to any of us if you are interested in becoming a school governor and helping to shape the future of your local school.


Governing Body Structure 2020-21

Meeting Dates 2020-21

Governing Body Appointments and Attendance 2020-21

Governing Body Appointments and Attendance 2019-20

Register of Business Interests (October 2020)


 Our Governors:


Nancy Priest, Chair (Partnership Governor).  Appointed 9th December 2015.


Clare Hutton, Headteacher.  Appointed 9th December 2015.


Emma Hepworth, Staff Governor.  Appointed 15th October 2019  


Sarah Shreeve (Parent Governor).  Appointed 6th November 2018


Jude Beveridge (Parent Governor).  Appointed 6th November 2018


Anne Hinton (Co-Opted Governor).  Appointed 4th February 2015.




Peter George (Partnership Governor).  Appointed 3rd October 2017





Simon Farquhar (Parent Governor).  Appointed 17th December 2019


Mandy Davidson, Clerk to the Governing Body.  Appointed 5th September 2012.